To enable customers to benefit from and become involved in our commitment to protect the environment, Shell has taken the first step into achieving this by converting of carton box liners for our premium products from white to brown and eventually extend this process to our entire range of products. This will result in utilizing the latest Light Weight technology for the new carton which is more user and environmentally friendly when compared to other products, both during its manufacturing process and daily use.

The new carton liners have several unique features, such as:

  • Maintains the same stacking strength when compared with the current type of carton liner used, as well as achieving satisfactory results when tested according to Shell’s world-class standards
  • Brown test liners are 100% recyclable and can be easily repurposed for household storage, waste disposal and shipping.
  • Brown liners are not dependent on virgin pulp extraction like white test liners liner where wood pulp to be added in certain percentage in each interval.
  • Brown test liners manufacturing is flexible and result in less wastages while extracting from OCC (Old Corrugated cartons) whereas white test liner requires specific OCC grades + wood pulp to generate liner paper leading to high wastage

The process of conversion has been started with from 10th February 2021, with white carton boxes for premium products for Shell Rimula R4X (15W-40 ) & Shell Helix HX7 being converted in phase 1 and in the next 3 months we will be adapting this on 100% of Shell lubricants packaging.
Our distributors, traders and retailers have been equipped with importance of usage of recyclable liners in our new cartons.

We aim to continue to build the momentum in this space through new efforts

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