Shell Eco-marathon Asia held between March 03- 07, 2016 in Manila welcomed close to 30,000 members of the public over the span of four days, who got up close to the student competition and watched live performances at the Fan Zone. Visitors were treated to a captivating and educational adventure into the future of energy, cities and sustainability at the Energy Zone, and enjoyed an outdoor festival where they were able to participate in activities and grab a bite to eat.

A total of 118 teams participated out of which 3 were from Pakistan. Teams submitted vehicle entries in either the Urban Concept or Prototype category in any of the seven different energy types. Results are measured on who can drive the furthest on the equivalent of 1 kWh or 1 litre of fuel.

The participating vehicles were designed and built by students from 17 countries across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Australia. Inventive entries in various shapes, colours and sizes were seen as the students’ creativity and technical skills were put to the test. Team UITM Eco-Planet from the Universiti Teknologi Mara Shah Alam, Malaysia, debuted a 3-D printed car that was assembled from 120 individually-printed parts, with each part taking approximately 10 hours to complete.

All Pakistani teams cleared the safety and technical inspection and consequently made it to the track. GIKI came in 7th in UrbanConcept Gasoline category with a mileage of 57.2 KM/L.

Team “How Much Ethanol” from Panjavidhya Technological College, Thailand clinched first place in the Prototype Alternative Fuel category with a mileage of 2,040km/l at the street circuit – the approximate equivalent distance between Manila and Bangkok. Team Sadewa from Universitas Indonesia more than doubled last year’s winning result and recorded 275km/l in the UrbanConcept Shell FuelSave Gasoline category.

Other teams that have achieved new mileage records include Clean Diesel Team from Japan, who beat their previous record with a mileage of 1,424km/l in their Prototype vehicle on ethanol. Team UiTM Eco-Sprint from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Shah Alam Malaysia also improved their own winning result last year to champion the Prototype Hydrogen Fuel Cell category again with a record mileage of 476 km/m3.

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