Cleanliness is vital to maintaining an engine’s efficiency and performance. Our advanced fuel Shell V-Power, with Dynaflex Technology is designed to keep engines clean and protected for efficient running.

Our Partnerships

  • Shell V-Power is the only fuel co-engineered with and recommended by Ferrari.
  • The only premium fuel recommended by Ducati.

What Makes This Fuel Unbeatable?

  • Formulated with our experience of 100 years in Technical Leadership.

  • Our partnership with Ferrari and Ducati helps us give you an ultimate track to road experience!

  • Helps to remove performance-robbing deposits.

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How Does Shell V-Power Help You With Common Engine Problems?

  • Shell V-Power has enhanced octane quality (as compared to Shell Super) to reduce the negative effects of “knock”. The performance and efficiency of gasoline engines can be reduced by knock. Knock is caused when fuel ignites, spontaneously leading to an uncontrolled combustion. Modern engines automatically de-tune themselves to avoid damage, which can lower engine performance and efficiency.
  • Harmful deposits can build up in your inlet valves. Poor mixing of fuel and air can result in making your engine work less efficiently. Compared to Shell Super, Shell V-Power is boosted with Dynaflex Technology that removes performance-robbing deposits.
  • Friction occurs in your engine as piston rings move against cylinder walls. This generates heat, wastes energy and reduces the efficiency of your engine. Shell V-Power contains friction-reducing technology molecules that form a protective layer in critical parts of your engine.

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