*Comparison between standard petrol and that same standard petrol containing our fuel economy formula. Actual benefits may vary according to vehicle, driving conditions and driving style. Not available on Shell Stations fed from Ghatti and Mehmoodkot Depots.

Shell Fuels at a glance

Shell has played a leading role in developing high quality fuels. For over 100 years, we have supplied quality fuels, and through our passion and commitment, research and development, we continue to drive fuel technology forward to meet the needs of our customers by developing high quality fuels designed to give you extra kilometers.

How it works?

Shell Super Unleaded has been designed to give you extra kilometers*.

To operate at their best, engines require precise amounts of air and fuel to enter the engine and combine at the right time.

With some fuels, deposits may form over time on the back of the inlet valves. This can lead to delays in the required fuel charge entering the engine and a poor mix of fuel and air, reducing the engine’s performance.

Shell Super’s unique Fuel Economy Formula is designed to give you extra kilometers by preventing the build-up of deposits that can damage your engine’s performance over time.

Shell Fuel Efficiency Tips

As part of our commitment to help our customers drive smarter, in conjunction with our fuel economy formula, we have developed Shell Driving Tips, designed to help your vehicle become more fuel efficient.

So, as well as filling up with Shell Super Unleaded, there are a number of simple things you can do to help your vehicle get extra kilometers out of every tank. Checklist: 

Fuel and lubricant

    1. Fuel matters – All fuels are not the same. Your fuel economy can be improved through using the right fuel. Shell Super Unleaded is designed to help you get extra kilometers and can help you reduce your fuel consumption.

Vehicle maintenance

    2. Tune and service your engine - A well-tuned engine can improve fuel economy, so change your oil and follow your car manufacturer’s recommendation on servicing.

    3. Keep your tyres at the right pressure – Correctly inflated tyres are safer and last longer. A tyre that is underinflated can reduce fuel economy. An under or over inflated tyre is also more susceptible to damage.

Driving style and behaviour

    4. Drive smoothly - Aggressive driving can use more fuel than smooth driving. Avoid accelerating or braking too hard and try to keep your driving as smooth as possible.

    5. Use higher gears and avoid over revving - The higher gear you drive in, the lower your engine speed is, which can improve fuel efficiency. Change your gear in good time when you’re accelerating or decelerating. 

    6. Conserve momentum and keep your distance - Think ahead when you’re driving. For example, slow down early before coming to a stop. Leave a sensible distance between yourself and the car ahead to give you ample time to brake evenly.

    7. Use cruise control - Using cruise control on major roads helps you maintain a constant speed and, in many cases, will improve fuel consumption.

    8. Avoid excess idling - Idling gets you nowhere but still burns fuel. Turn the engine off when you’re in a queue, or waiting for someone, until you need it. As a rule if you stop for over 10 seconds, switch off your engine. 

    9. Avoid high speeds - The faster you go the more wind resistance you’ll encounter and the more fuel your vehicle will consume just to maintain speed. Driving just a few miles per hour under the motorway or national speed limit can improve fuel economy. So keep it slow. 

    10. Use air conditioning sparingly – Air conditioning puts added strain on the engine and uses fuel to operate, so limit use to particularly hot days. On cooler days consider using the fan instead.

The journey

    11. Plan trips carefully and avoid the rush hour - Cutting down on the time spent in the car is the easiest way to conserve fuel. To reduce driving time, combine all your short trips and errands into a single journey. Plus, if you can travel outside of peak times, you’ll spend less time stuck in traffic and consume less fuel as a result.

    12. Avoid carrying excess weight – You may be surprised, but every extra pound or kilogram matters and affects your fuel efficiency. So keep your boot and back seat clear of unnecessary items that just add weight to your vehicle.

    13. Take the roof rack off - If you’re not using your roof rack then remove it. They affect the aerodynamic efficiency of your vehicle and create drag, reducing fuel economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is different about Shell Super Unleaded?

A. Extensive research and testing has resulted in Shell’s fuel economy formula for Shell Super Unleaded which is designed to help prevent the build-up of deposits that can harm your engine’s performance over time.

Q2. What does Shell Super Unleaded do for my vehicle?

A. Shell Super Unleaded is designed to help to prevent the build-up of deposits that can harm your engine’s performance over time. A cleaner engine may help to get better combustion and greater fuel efficiency. 

Q3. How does Shell Super Unleaded give me extra kilometres?

A. Shell Super Unleaded is designed to prevent the build-up of deposits that can harm your engine’s performance over time. With a cleaner engine, you’ll get better combustion so the fuel is used with greater efficiency.

Q4. What is the difference between Shell Super Unleaded and other unleaded fuels from other brands?

A.  Shell Super Unleaded contains our unique fuel economy formula. This is the product of more than 100 years in fuels innovation by Shell to bring customers all over the world improved fuel economy. Shell research has identified numerous ways in which the fuel can impact on the performance of an engine. This knowledge has been applied to the development of enhanced formulas that deliver improved engine efficiency, and therefore fuel economy benefits, to the widest cross-section of drivers.

Q5. What percentage of fuel economy can I expect to get compared to COMPETITOR product, i.e. how much money/fuel do I save?

A.  Shell Super Unleaded has been specially designed for extra kilometres. Fuel economy of course is dependent upon a number of factors including the fuel quality, the type and condition of the vehicle and the way it is driven. We encourage drivers to try Shell Super Unleaded and see for themselves.

Q6. How does Shell Super Unleaded keep my engine clean?

A. Every drop of Shell Super Unleaded contains a cleaning component that is designed to work continuously to prevent deposits from building up in your engine.

Q7. How many extra kilometres will I get with Shell Super Unleaded?

A. The Shell fuel economy formulae in Shell Super Unleaded is designed to help motorists improve their fuel economy. The fuel economy any particular motorist achieves is also highly dependent on driving style, weather conditions and the type and condition of the vehicle. Consequently we cannot claim a specific percentage of improvement – we encourage our customers to try Shell Super Unleaded and judge for themselves. 

Q8. What happens to the deposits?

A. Shell Super Unleaded is designed to prevent the build-up of deposits in the engine. Any deposits that are formed will not tend to accumulate and are instead carried into the combustion chamber and burnt with the fuel. 

Q9. How was Shell Super Unleaded developed and tested?

A. At Shell, our global team of scientists have been developing fuels for over 100 years. Typically a new product will have progressed through two phases. There is a development phase (which selects the most promising pure science concepts in the context of consumer demand and defines the product formula) and an implementation phase (which focuses on the practical delivery of new formulae).

Q10. Is Shell Super Unleaded more expensive than other standard petrol?

A. No. At Shell we are committed to bringing you high quality fuels at no extra cost. That’s why we’ve introduced Shell Super Unleaded. It is formulated to help give you more mileage over time. So, when you fill up on your next visit, we can help you get extra benefits from your fuel without spending more. Shell Super Unleaded is specially formulated to help you go further without paying more at the pump , 

Q11. Now that Shell Super Unleaded has launched, what is Shell planning to do next? For example, will there be another product in 2-3 years?

A. In 2014 we will continue with Shell Super Unleaded to enable as many drivers as possible to get extra kilometres, when compared to standard petrol without fuel economy formula. Our scientists are passionate about progress in fuels innovation and we always look to improve the fuels available at Shell. So it’s safe to say the work to develop efficient fuels doesn’t stop here. 

General fuels: product and pricing related questions

Q16. What other credentials does Shell have in the area of fuel economy?

A. Shell is committed to providing high quality fuels that are designed to meet motorists’ needs into the future. It is in Shell’s interest to ensure its products both appeal to its customers at present and in the longer term. Our goal is to help the world’s motorists get more out of every tank of fuel, using Shell fuels and the Shell Fuel Efficiency Driving Tips.

We have a 100-year heritage in fuels innovation and have invested in a number of initiatives over the years to help our customers be more fuel efficient. For example, in 2011 Shell set a Guinness World Record for the ‘Largest Fuel Efficiency Lesson’ when over 3,000 drivers in 10 cities across Europe and Asia learned how to save fuel. Also, in 2012, Shell launched Target One Million, a dedicated campaign to educate one million motorists around the world on fuel efficiency via a series of online, interactive games.

In addition to this, Shell regularly runs fuel efficiency driving challenges around the world, educating drivers on how using the correct fuel and making a few simple changes to driving habits can help reduce fuel consumption and costs. These challenges demonstrate in real life conditions how anyone can learn to be fuel efficient.

Q17. How can I improve my own fuel economy when driving?

A. The best Shell source of information on how to drive more fuel efficiently is mentioned in the adjacent tab, where you can find the Shell Fuel Efficiency Driving Tips. 

General fuels: challenging/environmental questions

Q18. I haven’t noticed any benefits. How can that be?

A. Improvements will vary from vehicle to vehicle and can be influenced by such factors as driving style, weather conditions and the type and condition of the vehicle as well as the way you drive.

Q19. What effect will this fuel have on the environment?

A. Shell’s fuel economy formula has been developed to help improve fuel economy. We have not measured and do not claim benefits in other areas. However as fuel economy and CO2 emissions are closely linked, any improvements to fuel economy resulting from the use of new Shell Super Unleaded could contribute in to reducing CO2emissions.

Q20. How can you defend launching this product when ultimately it encourages more drivers to visit Shell and to drive more?

A. We do want a greater proportion of drivers to visit Shell but we are not encouraging our customers to drive more at all. Shell Super Unleaded has been created to help drivers get extra kilometres out of their fuel, not use more of it. 

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