In order to ensure our customers have safer refuelling experience at our Retail Stations, Shell Pakistan Limited has launched a safety initiative called "Ehtiyaat Bunay Hifazat" (Precaution means Protection).

This is an effort to reduce the risk of straddling – which is staying seated on 2- or 3-wheelers during the refuelling process.

There are 4 easy steps to protection:

  1. Switch engine off
  2. Dismount bike or 3-wheeler
  3. Take a few steps back
  4. Stay safe

A unique chance to win biker merchandise

Across 176 stations in Pakistan, drop boxes have been placed where customers can drop their bike tags with their fuelling receipt and get the chance to win branded helmets and biker jackets.

These tags will be placed at various biker parking lots in commercial areas across Pakistan