We’ve long championed the people within the profession. Noticing your hard work, getting you where you really want to be and recognising there’s more to you than others might see. That’s why we formulated Rimula premium engine oil. It takes care of your engine, so you can concentrate on what matters to you. It works as tirelessly as you do, even in the toughest conditions, to deliver protection and performance. And it’s our pledge to keep you moving. So next time there’s a long journey ahead of you, know that we’re behind you. Every mile, every time.

Shell Rimula acknowledges the commendable sacrifices made under the scorching Sun as they plough the field. Their rigorous hardwork and continuous struggle against nature in reaping crops for us is much harsh in nature, yet requires strong recognition at each level.

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When people see a truck, do they see the driver? Do they understand what drivers go through day in, day out? These are the people who really help keep the economy’s engine moving. Among these are sons of proud fathers, who continuously look forward to that route that leads them back to home. Their efforts and sheer dedication towards their profession is greatly appreciated by us, just like their loved ones.

#ShellPakistan #ShellRimula #WhatMattersIsInside

People at times fail to see the huge effort truckers make to contribute to their community and tend to underestimate the risks drivers undergo every day for us. But Shell Rimula does understand what they go through day in day out. We see them as a rock and a source of pride, just like their loved ones because what matters is the purity that exists within inside.

#ShellPakistan #ShellRimula #WhatMattersIsInside

We might never have imagined how does it feel traveling on barren roads all alone, with no companion. However, we are proud of our truckers who spends days on roads keeping the wheels moving. We value the smiles and sigh of relief of these truckers, when reunited with their family, just like their loved ones.

#ShellPakistan #ShellRimula #WhatMattersIsInside

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