In Pakistan, there are approximately 25 million 2 wheelers and one million 3 wheelers. In the last five years, an estimated 2,000+ fuelling incidents have been reported in the industry related to the aforementioned vehicles. It is important for bikers and rickshaw drivers to get off their vehicles before fuelling their vehicle tank. This practice significantly reduces exposure to gasoline vapours during refuelling, reduces the risk of injury and allows time to react in case of an incident.

Speaking at the occasion, the Chief Executive & Managing Director of Shell Pakistan Limited, Waqar Siddiqui, said: “Safety of our staff and customers is of utmost priority. We have embarked on a journey to create awareness about the safety risks while fuelling. Many a time it is not an easy dialogue, nevertheless it is an important one. We have learnt from other countries who have been able to inculcate these practices. Shell Pakistan is keen to bring about this mindset and behaviour change amongst people and to help drive this industry change.’