Through this collaboration, a customer’s Shell Fleet Card will be linked with a TPL Vehicle Tracker to generate a comprehensive picture of fleet performance and driver efficiency. Customers will be able to view month-on-month fuel consumption, distance travelled, mileage of each vehicle, all on one platform, so that they can identify inefficiencies and underperformance, replacing manual reconciliations from different sources.

With a set of unique instant alerts, such as location mismatch alert, Shell Telematics can help customers identify potential fraudulent transactions. Customers can set reminders for vehicle maintenance activities to minimize wear and tear and monitor driver safety violations, as well as deduct penalty points for unsafe driving behavior.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, the Head of Shell Fleet Solutions in Pakistan, Talha Shabih, stated that: “Shell Telematics was designed to help our diverse customer base operate more efficiently and conveniently, regardless of the nature of their industry. We are thrilled to be collaborating with TPL Trakker Ltd to strengthen our product portfolio by allowing our customers get the best out of their fleet, by providing greater visibility into their operations.”

Sarwar Ali Khan, CEO TPL Trakker in his speech to the joint audience stated that: “Our collaboration with Shell to launch Shell Telematics is going to be a game changer for Fleet Management Services in Pakistan, helping our partners make strategic data driven decisions. By connecting mobile assets, people, and businesses, TPL Trakker aims to optimize costs and operations of corporations enabling them to deliver services that are seamless and more efficient. This collaboration with Shell Pakistan, is in line with our mutual aim, and we will continue to evolve our product in order to deliver experience based services to our customers. As Shell Pakistan and TPL Trakker embark on this truly innovative venture, I am certain that the future holds immense opportunities for both companies. I look forward to a fruitful partnership with Shell Pakistan.”