James Hall congratulated the Honorable President for the progress Pakistan has made and recognized the impact of the credible and courageous reforms driven over the last 18 months of his Government.

“Shell has its footprint in Pakistan since the time of its independence in 1947 and has been privileged to play a vital role in the country’s progress,” said James Hall, Government Relations Vice President of Shell. “Right from the largest natural gas discovery at Sui in 1952 to the launch of the Retail Visual Identity stations in 1995 that changed the face of fuel retailing in Pakistan, Shell has been a dedicated energy partner in the country. We are making a paradigm shift in our strategy by implementing a structured convenience retailing model for our customers across our station network, which would be another milestone for Downstream in the country.”

Mr. Hall also said “Shell Pakistan continues to support the Government in ensuring smooth, uninterrupted supply of fuel into the country. We are committed to working with the Government, sharing insights in energy transition and transitioning to a low-carbon future, building a sustainable energy future for Pakistan together.”