Kelloggs signing ceremony
GM Retail for Shell Pakistan Limited – Taha Magrabi and General Manager for GCC & Pakistan of Kellogg - Ahmad Yahya with senior management at the signing ceremony.

Speaking at the occasion, Taha Magrabi, GM Retail of Shell Pakistan Limited said, ‘Our aim is to create ecosystems that cater to multiple customer needs through strategic and sustainable relationships with key suppliers in the industry. We feel privileged; Kellogg is one such partnership, that brings to Shell its quality and experience.’

From Kellogg, Zain Akram Chaudhary Country Manager - Kellogg Pakistan & Afghanistan, Ahmad Yahya, General Manager for GCC/Pakistan & Saqib Hussain - Director EPMO were present at the signing ceremony. Ahmad Yahya shared his thoughts and upcoming plans, ‘We are proud to be signing our very first partnership as a Pakistani entity with Shell Pakistan Limited. Shell Pakistan Limited has been working hand in hand with the country; we look forward to working with an experienced organization. The exchange of knowledge between Kellogg and Shell Pakistan Limited will enable both organizations to learn and grow to provide a better brand proposition.’

The signing ceremony took place with the senior management of both organizations present at the Head Office of Shell Pakistan Limited.