While Shell Pakistan Limited does not accept liability, we clearly recognise that this was a tragedy that has deeply affected the community as the holy month of Ramzan ended. Therefore, as an extension of our early and ongoing humanitarian efforts to secure medical aid for the injured and provide food and other relief to the impacted families, Shell Pakistan Limited will make the payment requested by OGRA, and is discussing with OGRA the appropriate means by which this financial assistance can appropriately reach the injured and the families who have lost their loved ones. (UPDATE: Shell Pakistan Limited made this payment to OGRA in full on July 12, 2017. As agreed with the Regulator, compensation to those impacted by the tragedy near Bahawalpur will be dispersed by OGRA.)

We will continue to work with various aid agencies to provide immediate relief, and work with the relevant authorities to identify the recipients and ensure that the above assistance reaches the people affected. We also look forward to working with the regulators, emergency services and the wider oil and gas industry to improve safety standards and address any gaps between industry practice and regulatory standards.

For and queries please contact: Shell Pakistan Limited ShellPakistanCommunications@shell.com