Shell Rimula, premium heavy duty engine oil, launched a new campaign today called Real Destinations. The campaign looks at the life of truck drivers and farmers of Pakistan, their dreams and aspirations and emphasizes on the hard work they put in every single day to accomplish them.

Real Destinations represents the largest ever integrated marketing campaign from Shell Rimula and marks the latest step towards a more emotional global brand marketing approach. The campaign reveals the personal motivations and goals in the life of Pakistan’s truckers and farmers.

Shell Rimula has consistently worked towards empowering its consumers by providing them with premium oils that ensure engine protection against wear and tear making the journey towards reaching their dreams smooth, regardless of the driving conditions.
Commenting at the launch event of the Real Destinations campaign, Omar Sheikh, Managing Director of Shell Pakistan Limited said, “Farmers and truckers are crucial for the Pakistani economy and we applaud their efforts through the Shell Rimula – Real Destinations campaign. We acknowledge their hard work and perseverance and Shell Rimula stands by them every step of the way. We realize that our consumers for Shell Rimula depend solely on their trucks & tractors for their livelihood, our heavy duty oil have been designed to improve performance of their engines because we understand that less downtime on the roads or in the fields, means more quality time for them with their families.”
The global campaign of Real Destinations has been localized and developed specially for this purpose. A television commercial is also produced to run in Pakistan by one of the most talented filmmakers of the country, Jamshed Mehmood (JAMI).

The TVC which was showcased at the event highlighted the intricate balance of life in the consumer’s everyday life. The Real Destinations campaign is currently running in 17 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, including Pakistan.