Shell Select at Askari filling station at Rashid Minhas Road has reopened its doors for customers with an exciting array of shopping choices. With an expanded range of convenience items, the store also houses popular brands like Pie in the Sky, Cold Stone Creamery, Meat One and GreenO along with ABL and UBL ATMs for quick cash withdrawal. The Askari IV Fuel station already offers a McDonald’s outlet and “1 Helix Lane” – a facility that offers state-of-the-art oil change to customers, while they enjoy a cup of coffee in the WiFi-enabled waiting lounge.

Be it a last minute birthday cake before midnight, some quick groceries or fresh juice on the way to work, the revamped Shell Select is the place. With secure and convenient ATMs within the shop you now don’t need to worry about running out of cash either. Imagine the time saved on the roads by making just one stop for all your routine tasks.

Speaking at the launch of Shell Select, Jawwad Cheema, Chief Executive Officer, Shell Pakistan Limited said: “With the launch of the Shell Select offer and many more to follow across the country, our aim is to redefine the reason people visit Shell stations. We, at Shell try to better understand customer’s needs at different touch-points along the journey. In the 90’s, Shell transformed the Pakistani customer experience by ensuring delivery of quality fuels, consistency of customer service standards, new propositions such as oil change facilities & non-fuels retailing at Shell sites. What we have here at Askari IV is another step change to deliver enhanced customer’s experience by ensuring we deliver an eco-system that includes fuel, lubricants, food and coffee on the go as well as other conveniences like on-site ATMs, pharmacies etc.”

Mazhar-ud-Deen, General Manager – Retail added: “Our Retail business entails a multi-faceted strategy that focuses on convenience retailing, smart partnering and wider range of car care products and services. We call it an extension into the Non-Fueling business that cater not only to the needs of the car but that of the passengers. It is part of our ‘Welcome to Shell’ offer that encapsulates Shell’s vision of futuristic forecourts that offer a fulfilling experience to customers where they are always treated like a guest.”