The sugar industry faces certain challenges including high production costs and variable production output – the latter being a casualty of erratic weather patterns – which threatens to impact many sugar mills this year. PSST is working with its stakeholders to for the purpose of overcoming these roadblocks, which it expects can be solved in part through the adoption of innovative practices.

Taha Magrabi, National Sales Manager, Shell Pakistan, said, “Technological advancements may be the key to solving many of the problems facing the industry at present. Shell through massive investment in research has been able to develop high quality lubricants that improve production capabilities and lower costs.”

Taha added that Shell’s lubricants were designed to maximize efficiency of industrial machinery as well as to protect them from depreciation.

Murad Bhatti, President, PSST, said, “We have always maintained that technology and innovation are essential to the growth and sustainability of the industry. The challenges we face are manifold but through consensus building, collective thinking and approaching our problems in a scientific way, we can hope to address and overcome them.”