Pakistan is the 5th largest sugar cane cultivator in the world, and the area under cultivation has grown the most since 1947. The sugar industry in Pakistan is the 2nd largest agriculture-based industry in the country, and contributes 1.9% to the national GDP. Pakistani demand for sugar, both raw and refined, is growing exponentially, and due to this push in demand, Pakistani sugar mills are investing in comprehensive planning to increase production capacity. Part of PSST’s activities are educational seminars and conventions on sugar cane crushing, and regularly publishes material on technological improvements to benefit the industry as a whole.

Shell invests billions in research and development of revolutionary fuels and lubricants, which provide customers with tangible socio-economic benefits through fuel efficient, quality products that are technologically tested to improve the quality and increase volume of output. Improving production capabilities translates into lowered maintenance costs and in turn savings for individual customers and the industry as a whole.

Pakistan Society of Sugar Technologists: Was established in 1995 to encourage the development of the sugar industry, particularly in the face of rising challenges of low yield/productivity & lack of premium products. PSST has also worked consistently to increase overall production volumes by promulgating top quality production processes.

Shell Pakistan Limited: Is the largest international Oil Marketing Company in Pakistan, with a presence in the country and region for over a century. Shell offers a variety of fuel and lubricant products and solutions for individual, business and industry needs. Its lubricants portfolio, including Shell Turbo, Shell Omala, Shell Gaduss and Shell Tellus, is particularly robust, providing full protection to industrial equipment and motor vehicles, and enhances mechanical efficiency, reducing maintenance cost and galvanizing production capabilities.

For more information please contact:

Natasha Qamar, Shell Pakistan Limited / 0302-822-8946

M. Pervez Akhter, President PSST 047-7652801-15