Ali Nasir Khan

“Shell Eco Marathon is an excellent way to inspire the youth to work on cutting-edge solutions by inculcating in them the competitiveness and courage to outshine” said Mrs. Afshan Khan, Social Investment Manager Shell Pakistan. “The competition provides a global platform where Pakistani students have an opportunity to compete with teams from around the world to promote sustainable development in the next generation of engineers, scientists and business leaders.”

Similar to last year, student teams are encouraged to participate in one or both of the “Prototype” and “UrbanConcept” categories. The “Prototype” category invites student teams to enter futuristic prototypes – streamlined vehicles focused on maximizing fuel efficiency through innovative design elements, such as drag reduction. The “UrbanConcept” category focuses on more “roadworthy” fuel-efficient vehicles. Aimed at meeting the real-life needs of drivers, these vehicles are closer in appearance to the higher-mileage cars seen on roads today. For both categories, teams can use any conventionally available energy source – including fuels such as diesel and gasoline as well as alternative fuels such as hydrogen, biomass and solar.

This year the teams are limited to a maximum of three per institution. These teams represent the best of their institutions, based on their technical submission scores.

The Shell Eco-marathon began in 1939 at a Shell research laboratory in the United States as a friendly wager between scientists to see who could get the most miles per gallon from their vehicle. In 1985 in France, the Shell Eco-marathon as we know it today was born. In April 2007, the Shell Eco-marathon Americas event was launched in the United States, and in 2010, the inaugural Shell Eco-marathon Asia was held in Malaysia. 

The Asia event drew 81 teams from 10 countries and was won by a team from Thailand which set a record of 1,521.9 kilometers on a single litre of fuel - enough to cover a distance from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok.

Pakistan was the first country from the subcontinent to represent teams at the Shell Eco-marathon (SEM) in Berlin 2009, followed by 20 teams in Kuala Lumpur – the highest number in Asia. This year saw Pakistan achieve the 3rd highest number of registrations in the entire event.  

The selected Teams for this year events are:

AIR University 

  1. Airians (Air-X)
  2. Hexa-K
  3. The Y-Nots!

College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering - National University of Science and Technology (CEME-NUST)

  1. Emenents PT
  2. Emenents UC
  3. Pak-Wheelers

Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIKI)

  1. Aqua II
  2. Infinity
  3. Mech-Venturers

HITEC University

  1. Iyaad
  2. Pak Thunder

NED University of Engineering and Technology

  1. Paragon
  2. Winmark

Pakistan Navy Engineering College - National University of Science and Technology (PNEC-NUST)

  1. Team Nust Pnec 01
  2. Team Nust-Pnec
  3.  Team Nust Pnec-A

University Of Engineering & Technology Lahore (UET Lahore)

  1. Fireflies
  2. Team Synergy
  3. Team UET

University Of Engineering & Technology Taxila (UET Taxila)

  1. Pak Pacers

For any enquiries regarding the Shell Eco-Marathon contact:

Ali Nasir Khan

Communications & Media Advisor

Shell Pakistan Limited


Telephone: 35689525 (Ext: 2948) or 35630120