Our Vision

 To be the number one energy company in Pakistan.

Our Functions

  • Retail 
  • Lubricants 
  • Business to Business & Aviation 
  • Trading & Supply
  • Global Functions - Finance, Corporate, Legal, Human Resources

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Status of Company

In 1993 Pakistan Burmah Shell became Shell Pakistan Limited that is a listed Company on Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited. The Company Registration Number is KAR - 2687 and Tax Registration Number is 0804143-1. The Company Incorporation Number or CUIN is 0002914. 

Board of Directors

Following is Shell Pakistan Limited Board of Directors:

 1. Mr. Haroon Rashid, Chief Executive
 2. Mr. Rafi H Basheer, Chairman
 3. Mr. Parvez Ghias, Director
 4. Mr. Nasser N.S. Jaffer, Director
 5. Ms. Madiha Khalid, Director
 6. Ms. Naz Khan, Director
 7. Mr. Klaas Mantel, Director
 8. Mr. Waqar I. Siddiqui, Director
 9. Mr. Badaruddin F. Vellani, Dir
10.Mr. Faisal Waheed, Director

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Our Registered Office

Shell Pakistan Limited

Shell House, 6 Ch. Khaliquzzaman Road, Karachi-75530.

Tel: +92 (21) 111-888-222

Fax: +92 (21) 3563-0110

Email: generalpublicenquiries-pk@shell.com

Auditor of the Company

EY Ford Rhodes

Legal Advisors

Vellani & Vellani

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Investor Relations

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Financial Reporting

Our approach is to integrate economic, environmental and social considerations into decision-making; and balancing short-term priorities with longer-term needs.