What does this Privacy Statement cover?

This Privacy Statement provides information about personal data which are collected and processed in the context of the issuance and use of the Shell Fuel Card as well as your visits to the Shell Pakistan websites related to the Shell Fleet Solutions business, including the Shell Cards Online Portal (SCOL).

When processing an application for a Shell Fuel Card, Shell or its affiliates (“the Shell Group”) may collect and process information that is necessary for assessing the status of the applicant. After the Shell Fuel Card is issued, the Shell Group may collect and process transactional and location information of the cardholders, which are collected in real time.

Source of data

If you have not provided your personal data directly to Shell Pakistan, please be informed that Shell Pakistan has obtained your personal data from your employing or contracting company who in turn will have ensured that your consent has been obtained if this is required.

What data do we process?

Depending on the exact services used by you and your company, Shell Pakistan may process some or all of the following types of data:

  • Business contact details including name, address, marketing preferences, email addresses, telephone numbers and language preferences.
  • Director’s (and other associated persons’) details including name and birth date (these are required for anti-money laundering and anti-bribery and corruption purposes/ credit check)
  • Transaction details including driver’s name, card number, vehicle identifier, products purchased, date, time and location.

Purposes for processing the data collected

Personal Data supplied by the applicant for a Shell Fuel Card and/or collected through the use of the Shell Fuel Card, may be processed for the purposes of;

  • processing the application,
  • establishing a cardholder’s identity if this option has been requested by the employing or contracting company (principal cardholder)
  • completing credit checks
  • operating the cardholder’s account(s) and facilitating access to and use of the online services relating to Shell Fuel Card;
  • assessing and/or reviewing the card status and/or purchase record of the Shell Fuel Card on an ongoing basis;
  • conducting screening for trade controls and anti-bribery and corruption purposes;
  • monitoring volume and spend information;
  • tracing and recovering the Shell Fuel Card;
  • conducting aggregated market research and/or statistical analysis;
  • identifying and (if possible) preventing money laundering and fraud; and/or
  • marketing and commercial communication subject to any consent obtained.

In each case the processing may take place at any time during the course of the application process and/or the Shell Fuel Card agreement, and may continue after that agreement has ended for limited purposes (invoicing cycle, compliance with legal, fiscal and/or contractual requirements including internal audit).


Shell Pakistan will only send marketing to individuals within your organisation if consent has been given; individuals are free to withdraw their consent at any time. Consent may also be withdrawn at any time by your company’s authorised representative. For more information please refer to the Global Privacy Notice - Business Customers, Suppliers and Business Partners available at https://www.shell.com.pk/privacy.html, depending on your location.

Credit Checks

When processing an application and during the term of any Shell Fuel Card agreement, we may assess the creditworthiness of any applicant or cardholder, as well as that of any person(s) associated with the cardholder. In assessing creditworthiness: (a) credit scoring or other automated decision making processes may be used; and (b) records held by credit reference agencies may be searched. Information held by the credit reference agencies regarding any cardholder may already be linked to records relating to associated persons, or the information provided may create such a link. In case of automated decision making for credit worthiness check, the applicant or cardholder has the right to contest such decision and seek human intervention – please refer to the Contact Details section below.

Who is responsible for any personal data collected?

Shell Pakistan is the Data Controller for processing personal data.

Sharing your personal data

Your personal data that are collected as a part of the agreement may be transferred within the Shell group, including to Shell companies which may be located outside the Economic European Area (“EEA”) for the purposes specified above.

Additionally, your personal data may be shared with or obtained from any of the following parties:

  • the participants in Shell Fuel Card scheme, such as the retailers and/or any other company that is permitted to supply products and/or services to Shell Fuel Card cardholders under the Shell Fuel Card scheme;
  • any person to whom any member of the Shell Group proposes to transfer any of its rights and/or duties under a Shell Fuel Card agreement;
  • credit reference, screening and/or fraud prevention agencies as well as referees, guarantors or other persons providing references or security in relation to a cardholder’s obligations e.g. Experian and CIFAS;
  • insurance companies, in connection with insurance products that relate or might relate to the operation and/or leasing companies - in the event the cardholder has a vehicle leasing agreement, for the purpose of enabling these companies to monitor vehicle mileage and assess creditworthiness; 

We will not disclose your Personal Data without your permission unless we are legally entitled or required to do so. For full details please refer to Global Privacy Notice - Business Customers, Suppliers and Business Partners available at https://www.shell.com.pk/privacy.html, depending on your location

Your rights

You have the right of access to your Personal Data collected through the Shell Fuel Card as well as the right to request correction or deletion of such Personal Data (but only where it is no longer required for a legitimate business purpose). For full details please refer to Global Privacy Notice - Business Customers, Suppliers and Business Partners available at https://www.shell.com.pk/privacy.html, depending on your location

Who can I contact for more information?

You can contact Shell Fuel Card Customer Service Center at Generalcardrequests-pk@shell.com; cardscustomercare-pk@shell.com; cardfeedbackandissues-pk@shell.com; cardnewbusiness-pk@shell.com, telephone number 9221-111-345-543 and 9221-111-775-200.

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