Training your team to deliver improved performance

Lubrication can play a decisive role in minimising the potential for breakdown and maximising asset life. This readily translates into a competitive advantage, especially when unscheduled downtime is increasingly costly. All your staff need is the right training.

Shell LubeCoach is a quality training programme specifically designed to empower your staff to deliver the benefits of a well designed lubrication plan. The course content is modular and specifically designed to suit your needs and those of your staff.

Delivered by technical experts with substantial field based experience, courses are workshop based offering immensely practical insight in to best practice techniques, distilled from know-how gained across the Shell global network.

Through Shell LubeCoach training, your employees will come to fully realise the importance of lubrication in the successful day-to-day operation of your facility, and they will gain the knowledge they need to make informed decisions that result in longer lubricant and equipment or component life.

Train and equip your staff to realise the potential benefits of a fully optimised lubrication plan and ensure that you get maximum return from your investment with a better qualified team.

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