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Find out how Shell can help vehicle manufacturers and OEMs with low emission targets, improving fuel economy and maintenance savings. Shell Oil and Lubricants can help car and truck manufacturing with all lubrication needs.

Automotive components

Whether you want to cut maintenance costs or to enhance vehicle or component efficiency with innovative lubricants, we have a wide range of automotive component manufacturing lubricants to meet your needs.



Shell Aviation is an industry leader with a truly global reach.



Shell works with some of the largest construction companies in the world and understands the crucial role that lubricants play in your operations offering diesel engine oils, axle oils, greases, hydraulic oils and fluids for all your equipment.  


Keeping your fleet on the road is critical for a profitable business. Shell lubricants such as diesel engine oils can help to make a real difference to your operations.


Shell Lubricants for Manufacturers provides a range of lubrication solutions including Gear Oils, Compressor Oils and Greases.


Discover our complete range of marine lubricants solution.


Shell Lubricants offers a range of products for the metal production industry including gear, bearing and circulating oils.


Shell Lubricant’s offers solutions for the mining industry including oils and greases fit for severe operating conditions in remote areas.


Whether you want to reduce power-engine maintenance or increase wind turbine reliability, we have a wide range of oils and greases designed to meet your lubricant needs.


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Our suite of lubricant-related services offers you expert advice and support along with practical tools and training.

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Find key technical and safety information on our products.