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Whichever route you decide to take within Shell, our support and continuous learning culture is designed to help you to succeed. We’re nurturing and encouraging today’s talent, to help them develop into tomorrow’s leaders.

Our great on-the-job training, combined with the necessary responsibility, means you can progress your career at the speed you want.

And within our global business, there are many opportunities to match your aspirations, wherever you decide that you want to work.

Take a moment to explore the wide range of specialist job areas available at Shell below.

Asset Maintenance Engineering

We’re committed to providing engineering expertise to support business-critical decisions for onshore or offshore oil and gas production facilities, refineries and chemical sites.

Discipline Engineering

With involvement in everything from well tubing, process plants and refineries to pipelines and tankers, we’re seeking skilled professional engineers from a wide range of technical disciplines.


We’re responsible for finding commercially viable oil and gas reserves by assessing the characteristics and constraints of the earth’s subsurface.


We play a vital role in the search for and recovery of new reserves, acquiring and evaluating the primary well data that helps us construct 3D models of the target reservoirs and the hydrocarbon flow potential of the rocks.

Process Engineering

We provide technological expertise to oil and gas production facilities, onshore and offshore, and to both refineries and chemical plants.

Product/Process Research

It’s down to us to make sure that the most innovative technologies are available and applied in the design of new processing routes as well as in the development, improvement and innovation of products.

Production Engineering

We’re involved in the full life-cycle of field development – from conceptual design through to the production phase and eventually abandonment.

Production Technology

We’re involved in both producing fields, where we increase the outflow of wells and predict short-term production profiles, and in new fields.

Project/Facilities Engineering

We design, construct and commission all of Shell’s surface installations and infrastructure. Our environment can be challenging – we work both onshore and offshore on innovative new facility developments.

Reservoir/Petroleum Engineering

We transform petrophysical and geological data into dynamic reservoir models as well as developing a detailed understanding of the distribution of oil, gas and water.

Well Engineering

We optimise well performance by taking responsibility for the design, safe construction and maintenance of wells over the full life-cycle of an oil or gas field’s development.